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Miztik Rocket League

On Tuesday January 11, 2018, Rocket League Coaching Discord held its first Rocket League Pro ask me anything (AMA) series with FlipSid3’s team member Miztik. We had over 70 questions submitted by our members and Miztik nearly answered all of them We all loved and appreciated Miztik taking the time to participate in our event. You can see the script below:

Rocket League Pro AMA 2 with FlipSid3’s Miztik


Q: Who would you say have been the most important people/friend(s) in your career (In terms of motivated you, played with you, anything)?

A: I’d say the most important people in my career for when I was rising through the ranks were remkoe/greazy/maestro. This was back when the SARP vets were still by far the best and I started to play with them 3 and grinded pretty hard. They were all the best non SARP vets at the time and they motivated me a lot to improve and I loved how they played. I think if I wasn’t involved in the grind with them I wouldn’t be as good as I am now.

Q: Wanna go to Insomnia 62 and 63 maybe meet up with some people??

A: I really want to go to an Insomnia at some point. If I ever did It would only be to compete with my team though, unless there was another opportunity. Hopefully one day ill be there and I can meet the UK homies.

Q: for how many hours (ish) have you played rocket league?

A: I’m approaching 3000 hours right now, obviously those AFK hours add up, although I’m not sure how many.

Q: Pizza or pasta?

A: Usually ALWAYS pizza. There was this one place in NY that had incredible Pasta with Cajun Chicken though and I’d love to have that again.

Q: What is the best thing right now that could grow Rocket League as an esport?

A: I don’t really have a proper answer for this but personally I’d love to see RLCS League Play be in a LAN setting, even just once to see how it goes.

Q: Steak and mashed potatos or steak and green beans?

A: Neither. I’m the pickiest eater in the world, my bad homie.

Q: I know you have a Razer Raiju, but what are your bindings? Especially for the two additional bumpers

A: I haven’t tried anything on the additional buttons, I don’t feel the need to add anything since I’m comfortable with what I’m using. If I did it would be Air Roll left/right on the top buttons.

Q: Which bubble player(s) do you predict will become gods in the near future?

A: I’m drawing a bit of a blank on most players but the names that I thought of are Waffle from nV academy and Didris, I’d love to see them doing well with their teams.

Q: How would you describe RL/the community? Does it get better above Bronze I?

A: The “Pro” community is glorious, I’ve met so many nice people that I’d love to have as friends IRL. Some of the funniest people I’ve ever met have been RL Pros. As for the general community it seems to slowly be becoming like every other community, which is to be expected with the growth of the game.

Q: does pineapple work on pizza?

A: Not even once, don’t talk to me.

Q: EU vs NA?

A: At the highest level? 50/50. In ranked? NA Ranked is the absolute worst gaming experience I’ve ever had. I’d rather eat pineapple on pizza every day of my life than have to play that daily.

Q: Dogs or cats?

A: Dogs generally, I adore huskies/german shepards/goldens. Although Scottish Fold cats are absolutely adorable and I’d love to have one someday.

Q: do you feel like you’ve played better on F3 than on mockit and why?

A: I feel like I was a really solid player on Mockit, especially at S3 LAN. S4 with F3 was shocking though. The basic problems we had as a team led to nobody on the team having a good season. I’m hoping this will change having Yukeo on the team and I’d like to be one of those names people talk about when they discuss good players again.

Q: Would you continue being an RL pro even if you didn’t enjoy the game much anymore (assuming you aren’t already not enjoying it of course)?

A: Yeah I would continue playing, as much as Rocket League gets on my tits that’s usually only when I’m playing ranked. I will NEVER get bored of competing and will continue to compete as long as I can, I love it.

Q: Do you have like a routine before you get into the ranked games? (If you have, pls pm me)

A: I have absolutely never warmed up to play ranked. For tournaments I usually try to play 2-3 hours leading up to the tournament, with breaks in between. That’s mostly when I feel comfortable.

Q: How annoying is it to be PMed and tagged in multiple Discord servers by random strangers because of your popularity?

A: Depends on my mood and what the person says. If you message me something remotely annoying I will mostly ignore you. If you ask me a question that’s worth answering I will most likely reply.

Q: Would you rather have bacon on your pizza or pepperoni?

A: Pepperoni is my favourite topping, combined with the fact I’m not that big of a fan of bacon that should sum up the answer for you.

Q: How did you get proficient Mechanically? Say any training packs, or was it just grinding the game?

A: Honestly I’m not really sure, I really enjoy scoring creative goals and I like to be able to pull off any mechanic that pops up in the game. That combined with playing at the highest level since 300 hours makes it pretty easy for my mechanics to be decent.

Q: Do you think anyone can go from Bronze to Grand Champion with proper training?

A: There are so many tools out there to help you improve that its hard to argue against players not being able to improve so I’d say yeah. Personally just watching streams of good players gives me an idea of what I should be doing to improve (for games outside RL).

Q: What is the single Rocket League action you’re most proud of? (Like a single shot, save or whatever in a particular match.)

A: Definitely this clip https://clips.twitch.tv/LachrymoseModernTroutAliens. Its a completely original goal and I’ve seen nothing remotely similar to it. Definitely something I’m proud of.

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love me?

How was your experience in s2, meeting all the players for the first time?
Were you proud of yourself after getting 2nd in rlcs s3? Do you feel like you could’ve done better, or NG was just unstoppable that day?
A: -4 on the love scale. Meeting all the players in S2 was overwhelming and a little awkward, one of the best experiences of my life though. I was super disappointed with my finish in S3, I feel like being so close to winning just made it a bit meh to come 2nd. Its tough to be proud of myself with that one.

Q: Do you think there will be a car replacing Octane one day ?

A: The only way the Octane will be replaced is if its removed from competitive play or nerfed. Everyone has too much play time on it for it to be overtaken by another car

Q: What’s your opinion on ceiling shot viability?

A: At this point its just a risk/reward type thing. I’ve shown myself that it can come in handy with multiple goals and passes in RLCS. I feel like its something that should come up every now and again, too much of it is just a bad habit.

Q: how can u be better at pos and rotation and be good at skill mechanics

A: Fun fact. I have no idea. I never learned positioning and rotation, I just kinda do it. The only thing I did learn was back post rotation for defence. I think its super important.

Q: Has there been/what was a moment that made you think “I love this game, I want to keep playing, and this is what I want to do for now”?

A: Just when I started winning tournaments. Playing with greazy/maestro remkoe and winning weekly tournaments was extremely fun. It was only £66 for the W. But that meant everything to me.

Q: Do you play other games besides Rocket League? Do you have fun while playing Rocket League?

A: Usually I play PUBG/Guitar Hero/Fallout 4. I occasionally play some funky games with the homies though. As for RL, I have fun competing. 50/50 with playing ranked/practicing though.

Q: How do you deal with tilt, especially in high-stress tournament environments?

A: I usually leave comms instantly, I think discussing stuff while tilted is pointless, usually ill just wait until I get over the loss and think about what happened when I can see clearly.

Q: What feature should Psyonix add to Rocket league?

A: Super simple but I’d like more options with replays. I NEED SOME GODDAMN FOLDERS UP IN HERE

Q: How are your relationships with players from other pro teams?

A: I’d like to think I have good relationships for the most part, I’m not super involved with RL players outside of the game but I’d like pretty much everyone as a person and hopefully they think the same.

Q: Whats wrong when I play 2v2 and I win 10:0 or lose 0:10? None close games

A: Find some friends the same level to play with. Get some consistency going.

Q: What’s your way of training?

A: I really like flopping about in free play. I do it as often as possible and I can do it for hours.

Q: How did you come up with name ‘Miztik’

A: Miztik is a name I’ve had for like 9 years since playing CoD on Xbox 360, I have a few variations of the word ‘Mystic’ and thought that ‘miztik’ looked the cleanest.

Q: how do you call for passes or where you will get them?

A: Usually by calling your position, If you want them to put it right or left just call “right” “left” you can get creative with the calls but as long as the passer knows where you are you did your job.

Q: What’s your biggest problem with the eSports scene in its current state?

A: Biggest problem for me is the lack of structure. In an ideal world, I’d love for every RLCS team to have a manager and maybe a more “strict” contract I guess. I think people don’t take it seriously enough and I’d love to have a structure with practice times and schedules.

Q: What would you ask Psyonix to add to the game if you knew they would add it?

A: I’d love for Psyonix to add the new montage I have that’s going to be released soon to the front page :eyes:

Q: Who is your favorite musician ATM?

A: I’m obsessed with metalcore right now so I guess the favourite “band” would be Veil of Maya or Invent, Animate.

Q: Who is the best player you have played with and why??

A: Just watching some of the things Kux does blows my mind. The dude is a genius.

Q: What’s your favorite game to play at the moment other than RL?

A: I recently got obsessed with Guitar hero again, so probably that.

Q: Do you feel that a league with regional teams like Overwatch League could be viable for Rocket League?

A: I think its too early in the game for something like this, considering the main thing is RLCS it would be tough to work that around it.

Q: How did you practice to be so consistent at double taps and ceiling shots?

A: Free play mostly, although I’m used to it since I didn’t have training packs back when I learned it. I’m sure training packs are great for helping with that.

Q: What inspired you to play Rocket League professionally?

A: My love for competing, once I realised it was possible to play professionally there was nothing else on my mind.

Q: Who’s Worse at rocket league, Johnny Boi or an actual concrete brick.

A: I have Scottish loyalty towards Johnny so I’m going to have to say Joh…. brick.

Q: How did you find your first team mates and how did your first team go?

How did you communicate when you played for mock it since fairy and kaydop are French?

A: I never really had a proper team I don’t think. I played with a lot of teams that just needed someone to fill. I do remember playing ESL with two players I found in ranked pretty often so I guess maybe those two were my first “team”? Shoutout to Outrageous and Anwho

Q: Favorite playlist?

A: Always 3s, I’m a sucker for solo standard. Surprisingly….

Q: Similar to what I asked Turbo, what ‘eureka’ moments have you had with RL? This could be something mechanical or generally something you figured out that made you a much much better player.

A: The power of a good recovery. I realised watching Scrub Killa play 1s that he had a ridiculous recovery and I started to work on mine from that moment. It might seem little but its an extremely underrated thing to be good at.

Q: if you could sign up with anyone for RLCS regardless of the region, who would you pick?

A: I’d love to play with Jknaps just so I can admire him from a closer POV

Q: How much money do you make? & How much does the average RL “pro” make?

A: Don’t be rude my dude.

Q: Is being a pro RL player “cool” when you tell people or is it seem as something geeky? Do you get all the girls?

A: Would I have shared a bed with Turbo at gold rush if I wasn’t? Ask yourself that.

Q: Do you sometimes get recognized when you are outside?

A: Absolutely never, maybe one day… If for some reason you do see me please say hello I could do with the ego boost ty

Q: Hey Miztik, what do you think will be the “next big thing” that will push RL esports to the next level?

A: I still think that LAN’s for qualifiers is a good move, who doesn’t love a LAN???????

Q: How do you warm up before tournaments?

A: As long as I’ve played for 2-3 hours leading up to it ill feel comfortable. If this is something you’re looking to improve on I’d recommend finding that amount of warming you feel comfortable with like I did.

Q: what game would you play if rl didn’t exist?

A: I’d love to grind fortnite and get really good. Looks like an awesome game to stream too.

Q: How often do you rage at your random teammates?

A: Not so much my teammate as it is opponents. If I do say something negative about you when I’m playing vs you, its because you’re pretty good and I’m annoyed by it. Take it as a compliment and let me be toxic in peace 🙂

Q: How did you find out about rocket league?

A: Watching summit1g play it on release, bought it on Steam a few weeks later. 10/10 worth. If you’re on the edge about buying a game JUST DO IT, don’t let other people put you off. You’ll never know where it will lead you.

Q: Do you imagine what the casters are saying when you score a nutty goal?

A: I used to love going back and listening to the casters when I scored a banger. I got over it pretty fast though, most of the time it was underwhelming.

Q: why don’t you get a real job?

A: I’m not a fan of people and waking up early is the worst part of life. I enjoy where I am

Q: Has playing last year changed your career for you? If so in what way?

A: Last year was a great year for learning and putting my mark on the map. Although I fear that maybe I missed my chance to win an RLCS and thinking about not getting another chance gives me bad anxiety.

Q: how did you get so cute?

A: I’m a chubby Scotsman with a solid laugh and horrible rocket league skills. That’s pretty much it.

Q: Another question. For players who are trying to hit that next level what advice would you give them?

A: Find out what’s stopping you from hitting that next level instead of floating in averageness for no reason. Work on that thing until you’re happy with it.

Q: How is it playing in a team with Jesse?

A: Never played with him. I do love his streams though.

Q: What was the best moment of your career?

A: Lifting the trophy at Dreamhack Sweden and feeling accomplishment. Followed by getting absolutely hammered and missing my flight the next morning. Worth.

Q: What’s your deepest darkest RL secret?

A: For most of my career I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I’m not on the “smart” side of the game and I believe my natural “talent” carried me through. Thankfully.

Q: Do you have any tips on how to get into the pro scene?

A: I feel like the only way to do this is to play EVERY weekly that you can. Play with a team that always plays, ALWAYS be there, make sure when people see you in the bracket that they notice your team name. Make sure when they see you in game they notice your name. Play enough tournaments so when you improve the pro’s that you play against will notice when you start to improve. I see players that I see in tournaments constantly that have improved so much and its great to see.

Q: How much Irn Bru do you drink a day?

A: None, every now and again if I see it ill pick it up. For now I’m addicted to pepsi max and white monster,

Q: What makes NA ranked so terrible? Is it the people, or is it the way the game is played?

A: The general player plays a certain way and its just the wrong way to play the game. That combined with it being the OPPOSITE of how EU players play gets you caught off guard and its extremely frustrating.

Q: How to improve quickly? / Break through the Diamond 3 barrier

A: There is no “quick” improvement anymore the game has been around for too long at this point. Find your settings, watch the pros & grind yer tits off.

Q: what controller do you use?

do you think scrub killa will be a formidable opponent along with his teammates in future RLRS and RLCS?
A: I use the razer raiju and I absolutely love it. I think Scrub has a lot to work on to be a desirable teammate and feared opponent in 3s. I do believe he is extremely talented and mechanically solid though.

Q: Who do you think are gonna be the best teams for RLCS Season 5?

A: Gale Force are still on another level imo, for the others I’m not sure.

Q: do you think the probability of new players breaking through and making it to the pinnacle of rocket league is the hardest its ever been?

A: Definitely. Especially with teams from RLCS staying for the next season, less roster swaps = no need for new up and coming players. Obviously there are a few roster swaps its just not as severe as it used to be.

Q: How exactly does one git gud?

A: Get your equipment set. Find your settings. Watch pros and grind.

Q: What’s the largest amount of tilt that you have gotten in one session playing rocket league?

A: Usually when its so bad I give up after a goal or two and I’m past the point of caring so ill keep going instead of closing the game like a dumbass…..

Q: Do you think having a 2v2 mode for rlcs would be something worth pursuing? If not, why not?

A: Absolutely not. The game was made for 3v3s IMO. Introducing such a huge change would be the beginning of the end I would guess.

Q: What would you like to see implemented in rl in the future

A: Custom training overhaul with target practice. Better replay options. Team decals/items.

Q: What do you think about 1s

A: I’m usually against them, most of the time I think they are pointless and annoying. After going 1-12 in 1s at Gold Rush I decided to give 1s a try though, so far so good….

Q: Do you think any other modes could possibly be put into a competitive setting? Like dropshot or rumble?

A: I’d say no… That would make the game less serious, the casual playerbase is already poppin. I’d like to keep the serious competition as it is personally.

Q: What do you think of non standard maps, is it a good thing we no longer have them?

A: I’m 50/50. The thought of them sounds good and interesting but actually playing them is pretty annoying and leads to more inconsistency in a game that’s already extremely difficult to be consistent in.

Q: How can i know my mistakes and how i can improve my mechanics in the air?

A: Watching replays after every loss / Free play and training packs. Watching how pro’s control their car in the air can also push you in the right direction of what you can be doing.

Q: How important to you is it to get pictures of Rufus on game days?

A: This is some life or death stuff right here Jimmer.

Q: Favourite sport to play/watch other than esports of course

A: I really like snooker right now, I’ve been playing a bit myself and I’m always watching tournaments as they pop up.

Q: I’m a consistent champ 3 in all modes. How do you recommend breaking into GC?

A: I get asked this a lot and usually say that if you’re so close to hitting GC then you’ll hit it eventually and just be patient. One thing I will tell you personally though is that you shouldn’t let how close you are affect how much you play. Don’t be scared to lose or derank, I used to avoid playing the game because of stuff like that and it really doesn’t help. Just keep gaming and you’ll hit it eventually, I believe.

Q: I have kind of a weird question, seeing how you’re doing an AMA in a RL Coaching Discord Server. Do you actually believe coaching in RL works? Or do you think each player who succeeds with a coach would succeed anyway?

A: Individual coaching for the average player for sure yes. For an RLCS calibre team, I’m not so sure. I’d have to experience it to decide.

Q: I asked Turbo this last time. Top 3 cutest pros from EU and NA?

A: EU – Turbo, Metsa & Doomsee (Goldrush homies) NA – Garrett, Jacob & Karma

Q: What about the NA ranked playstyle is so bad? As an NA pleb I’d be happy to know what I am doing that’s so wrong

A: The ballchasing is ridiculous, there is absolutely no thought process or forward thinking. Every touch has no purpose and most plays have no structure. Its just a luck-filled floppy mess.

Q: How often do you actually analyze your own replays? Do you watch from your own perspective/teammate’s/opponents?

A: I watch my own replays pretty often and ill always watch from my own POV. I like to focus on the goals I concede since I think defence is critical. For every goal I like to critique myself, there is ALWAYS something you could’ve done better leading up to the goal you concede. My tip would be to always look for that instead of blaming teammates even if it was actually their fault. There is usually always something you could’ve done differently to have stopped your teammate being in the position to bean it.

Q: Do 1s help the average player iron out mistakes or create bad habits? I lost diamond 1 in 2s and now I’m plat 3 div 4 in 1s help

A: Like I said previously this will be the first season I will be playing 1s properly so I cant answer that accurately right now. I do believe that even if there are not many positives in playing 1s there are no real negatives either so there’s no reason not to give it a try. Avoid the 1s tilt and you might actually enjoy it, who knows.

Q: How long do you sleep per night and do you think sleeping much is important to git gud?

A: 10-12 hours, closer to 12 usually. Anything less and I can’t really function properly. It’s a bad habit and I wouldn’t recommend it. Get yourself a juicy 8-9 and no more.

Q: Do you feel like 6mans have changed something in the pro scene? I obviously specifically mean the 6mans server.

A: I don’t feel like it changed too much, I’m sure people enjoyed it. I think the twitch sponsor might have ruined it though. People took it seriously before the twitch sponsor and it was great but then money got involved and people took it even more seriously. Now there’s no money and people are taking it more casually than it was before and it lost its mojo.

Q: Which pro would you like to see do one of these AMAs so you can troll them?

A: either Metsanauris or Karma

Q: What do you think NA players who don’t want to be labelled as floppy lucky ball chasers can even do to avoid playing like that? As of now it seems like if you aren’t a rank above where you are skillwise you get out ballchased or lose challenges that you don’t expect. (I suck so maybe I’m wrong about that)

A: I have no idea. Hard to say since I don’t play it daily, maybe ask an NA pro on stream. Maybe its a lost cause, If you cant beat em join em.

Ask Me Anything with FlipSid3’s Miztik – About Author

Kieran is the Founder of Rocket League Coaching Discord, a discord community focused on providing top level coaching for to all levels of Rocket League players for free. Kieran international discord of over 3500 members, active and retired pro players, and 75+ Grand Champions work together to make the Rocket League community great. See the previous AMA from Turbopolsa if you missed it!

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