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Rocket League Coaching Discord (RLCD) is a community-run discord designed to connect players together to help each other improve. We have members from all skill levels from Bronze to top 100. Coaching is 100% free.

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What Our Rocket League Coaching Discord Offers

Our community is comprised of Rocket Players from across all parts of the world. Whether you are a casual player looking for reliable players to team with or a hard-core competitive player gunning for an RLCS spot. We have something for you.

Rocket League Coaching

Our community offers 1 on 1 coaching, replay analysis, training packs, and a 24-7 run discord community where you can discuss coaching and strategy throughout the day. We coach all levels of players from Bronze up to competitive tournament players. Our coaches consistent of Grand Champions, top 100 players, and active and former professional players. Our philsophy is free rocket league coaching. We want high level coaching to be open to all players in the Rocket league Community. The better the community gets, the better the game becomes.

Events and Tournaments

Special events, in-house scrimmages, giveaways and contests, and of course tournaments! There is always something going on with our discord community that will keep your competitive juices going. Our events and tournaments are casted and streamed professionally by North America and European server members. We host all our tournament on Smash.gg and cast them on Twitch.

Rocket League In-Depth Strategy

Our content and video blog offers in-depth Rocket League strategy. We house our best content on our site so you have an easy place to refer to it instead of searching through various forums and links. Our articles are in-depth, detailed, and insightful. We aim to become your trusted source for winning and applicable stragety when it comes to Rocket League Competitive play. 

See What Our Members Say About Us

Our International Discord channel helps all. See what players have said about our coaches.
Joessi Moorman
Joessi Moorman
Been a part of this group for ages, they're great people.The coaching is absolutely exquisite, and everyone is really chill. Everything is run by a great group of volunteers, who take hours and hours out of their day to help everyone out.If you're looking for a fun RL-community, or some top of the notch FREE coaching, RLCD is definitely the place to be.
Nathan Fuller
Nathan Fuller
Joined this group back in November 2016. Immediately was helped by some of the best players I've ever met to improve. A former pro said he'd be glad to review one of my replays for me. I expected just some notes with timestamps but what he did for me was record voice over during the replay and create a 40 minute video analyzing each decision I made in the match. That alone helped a ton.I especially recommend this group to any newer players that need help with the following: dribbling, rotation, passing, goalie positioning, speed, etc. #general can get silly but everyone's really good at the game and willing to give pointers if you ask.
Manni Watkins
Manni Watkins
It's where git-gud is made. Been a part of the community there for over a year now and its hand-down the best rocket league community i've ever had the chance to be a part of. Any questions you might have about rocket league at all has likely already been answered atleast once. And if not then there's plenty of people to help you get a definitive answer. So to sum up a bit, this group of people are super well informed/skilled at the game, friendly as can be expected, and its free.Not to mention the absolutely best part of it, hands down - theres this guy called Mannichon, and he's the coolest smartest hottest guy ever. So you should totally be friends with him.
Mikal Andrew Gay
Mikal Andrew Gay
Extremely vital group for any player looking to improve their skills at the game. Coaching and being active with RLCD will definitely help you see progress in your own development. The people are friendly and knowledgeable which makes for a really enjoyable and fun community.
Mark Valderrama
Mark Valderrama
I love this group! They took me from Challenger I to Diamond 3. Quality rocket league coaching and they do it all for free. Their discord server runs 24-7 and the events are blast. This is the community if you want to git gud @ rocket league and have a fun group of people to play with.
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