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Why Should You Get Rocket League Coaching?

Rocket League is a car soccer video game that uses rocket-powered cars. While the premise of the game is simple, it is a sports game at heart and any sports game requires deep analysis and practice to master. The main issue with mastering the game is that there is so much to learn. Often times, the tips and tricks you might find on the internet might focus you on techniques and strategy that are inappropriate for your tier level or not necessary for your playlist.

Just like in other team sports, a team will never win consistently if the players on the team do not cooperate. Teamwork and coordination are key to reach the top ranks and playing competitively in tournaments. When we coach you, we look at factors that are holding you back in your team game. If you are looking for 1 on 1 Rocket League Coaching, we focus in on ball skills and field awareness. We look at various holes in your game and tell you what to improve on.

Our Coaching Services

Our coaching services are categorized into four sections:

Replay Analysis

1 On 1 Coaching

Training Packs

Discord Group

Replay Analysis

Our coaches will look at your most recent games and analyze your playstyle, explain strategies, and note specifics for improvement. Our analysis is done either through a video analysis or text file detailing out observations with specific timestamps so you can go back to your replay and see where you need to improve.

Example Text Replay Analysis (Click to Enlarge)



Example Video Replay Analysis

Live Rocket League Replay Analysis by Subdivides | RLCD.GG | 19/10/2017

1 on 1 Coaching

RLCD coaches take you under their wing for a few games in a playlist or practice sessions. We focus on your weaknesses and how to turn them into your strengths. Our coaching is in-depth and intensive as a result, you will be challenged and guided so that you can achieve new heights. Therefore it is up to you to put in the time and effort from the coaching sessions.


Training Packs (discontinued)

The Rocket League Coaching Discord used to regularly publish training packs and had training challenges. These packs and challenges allowed players to focus in and challenge themselves on what to improve on. It is not uncommon after rocket league coaching sessions for a coach to provide training packs that are helpful for the player to practice on to improve on the weaker areas identified during the sessions.


Rocket League Coaching Discord Group

Our international discord group of over 5500 members is active 24-7. The discord group is the hub for our communication. We post announcements, receive feedback on how we are doing, discuss Rocket League strategy, request coaching and have a general area where players can socialize with fellow server members.