About The Rocket League Coaching Discord

RLCD.GG is a collective of passionate Rocket League players, fans, and enthusiasts. Throughout our ranks are a variety of talented individuals from all walks of life that come to together with a concentrated ambition to achieve one goal – to make the Rocket League Coaching community the best among e-sports and build upon our community of teamwork and knowledge sharing.

The Rocket League Coaching Discord is here to create something special

RLCD.GG Founders and Admins

Our incredible discord community is comprised of a variety of unique individuals from around the world. They dedictate countless hours of their time to make the server what it is and develop partnerships that benefit the community. Below are our founders and Admin Team.


I founded RLCD after moderating a similar server and falling in the love with the community. It was such a breath of fresh air to see people actively wanting to help each other get better at the game and grow together. I absolutely love this community and have made some amazing friends for life through it. :two_hearts:


With a solid drive to improve at Rocket League, I always feel very embedded with the community of RLCD. I’m a Champion 3 level 3s player who enjoys heavy focus on passing plays and fluid rotations to maintain pressure and keep opponents spread thin. I am now trying to give back to RLCD for all it has taught me as a Rocket League player by managing the server. Outside of RLCD I am a Game Developer, Artist and all around ambitionist. Much love to the community.

RLCD.GG Mod Team

Below is RLCD’s friendly mod team. They maintain the discord and manage discord chat and guidelines.


I’ve been with RLCD since its inception used to serve as an administrator for the community. I now work as a moderator, hanging out in chat and playing games with members of the community. Don’t hesitate to contact me for anything you might need!


I’ve been a member of this server since its inception and have always had an active interest in moving the server forward as both a platform for coaching as well a Rocket League community for people to be part of. I honestly believe the community that’s been made here is a great one built on very close friendships of regular members who all want the best for the server. We are all very accepting of new members that join who may want to get involved in the server, whether this be as a coach, coachee or just to make some friends


I’m just some weird catgirl that loves pink flowers and listening to metal all day. I used to play quite competitively, now just playing with friends here and there. I’ve been actively involved in RL community organisations for a long time and have been a regularly contributing member of RLCD since joining the server in early 2018. I’m always looking to help others wherever I can and have enjoyed coaching other regulars in the server.


Former member of Team RLCD. Lego is a long-standing member of the discord


I’ve been playing RL since it released, and I fell in love with it and the community. I’ve been coaching people for over a year before I discovered RLCD, and now I can dedicate it towards something bigger. I’m glad this sever exists, I think we’re doing great things here to foster a great community and I’m here to help with this in any way I can. We offer a very diverse team and community to all people, with free coaching and events. I’m really glad to be a part of the team, and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

RLCD.GG Community & Event Staff

Below are our community & event staff. They help with our community development, stream, and cast on our channels.


Chupa49 is part of our website staff. He works in the background on many of our promotion projects. Chupa originally joined us in Season 3 as a Challenger 1 player. He is a father of 2 and plays Rocket League casually whenever he can get a chance with his busy real-life schedule.


In addition to being part of our Events staff, Subs is our featured caster for many of our tournaments. He is also an active coach within the RLCD server and regularly streams live replay analysis for members of the community on our Twitch Channel.


Dark is a senior staff member on RLCD who helps with chat moderation and discord bot setup.


MatthewIcicle is the NA Events staff members and is our featured caster for many of our tournaments. He originally joined our community as a Shooting star level player and received coaching from several of people within the server. He achieved Champion 2 ranking in Season 5 and now gives back to the community. He is a great example of what the Coaches do to help better players.




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